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Weight Loss Rewards Keep You On Track

We all know weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. Rewarding yourself for accomplishments is an excellent way to stay motivated and focused on your long term goal.

Each little step along the way is an accomplishment. Be proud of that and reward yourself for the hard work you’ve put in.

Make Your Weight Loss Rewards Meaningful

Sure, it’s tempting to “reward” yourself with a sweet treat or a favorite not-so-healthy dish you haven’t had in a while, but those sorts of rewards are over and done in an instant. Choosing rewards that are both meaningful and lasting will help keep you motivated.

The following tips can help you zero in on those personal rewards that are not only powerful, but speak to the “inner” you.

Weekly rewards can include:

The biggest milestone of all (hitting your goal weight) should merit the biggest reward. Maybe that’s a vacation in the tropics, maybe it’s a weekend getaway at a B&B, maybe it’s shopping for a new wardrobe–it’s all up to you.

Setting up a personal reward system with reasonable goals and meaningful rewards will help you stay motivated and stay on track with your weight loss goals.