Hollywood Cookie Diet® Book

The First Delicious Way to Lose Weight!
Packed with helpful information, this handy little book guides you through fundamentals of weight loss, nutrition, exercise and more

Remember when you were young and your Mom told you, "Don't eat that cookie, or you'll lose your appetite!" Little did she - or you - know at the time, but she had stumbled on the secret behind the Number One diet sweeping the nation…The Hollywood Cookie Diet®! Losing (or actually satisfying) your appetite is exactly what you want to do if you want to lose weight. And what better way than by enjoying a treat you really love?

The Hollywood Cookie Diet® is the easiest diet ever and it works because it is based on caloric restriction using meal replacement and portion control. Since 2006, when the cookies were first introduced over six million have been eaten, resulting in slimmer and trimmer bodies all over the world*.

This book and the Hollywood Cookie Diet® are more than a simple lose-the-weight plan. Taken together, they offer a lifestyle that will help transform you. You'll fit into the clothes that you've always desired and your energy level and zest for life will soar to new heights.

We wrote this book to show you how you can actually shed pounds by adding delicious cookies to your daily diet, along with incorporating healthy lifestyle changes. So let's get started on a program destined to win you a weight loss Oscar… The Hollywood Cookie Diet® way.

Larry Turner Author and creator of The Hollywood Cookie Diet®

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