Mummy Diaries September 2009

Hollywood Cookie Diet Review


We had the opportunity to try a 3 day trial of the Hollywood Cookie Diet. Although that may not seem a long time to test a diet out for, it was enough for me to give you a little insight into what i think and let you know what it's all about.

What is this diet?

It's a new way to lose weight by using meal replacement cookies. You have 4 each day - One for breakfast, One for dinner and 2 snacks. Then you have a healthy main meal for tea/supper.

What are the cookies like?

They are not like your normal 'sweet' cookies that you would buy as a desert or a treat. They are thick wholegrain ones that have been designed to fill you up and suppress your hunger for longer.

You can get in 3 lovely flavours: Oatmeal Raisin, Lemon and Chocolate Chip. Each one is 150 calories which contains the nutrients you need for the day.

Who suits the diet?

Anybody can do it, but it's ideal for moms on the go, to take along to the office or for travelling. They come individually wrapped in foil for convenience too.

Does it work?

For the time I tried it I started to look forward to eating a delicious cookie when I was due one. They are very filling and will keep you full longer enough until you need to eat another cookie.

Even my family wanted to try them, and tried to sneak some away until I spotted them!

The variety packs are best as you get to try all of the flavours and wont get bored with just one.

I'm sure over time I would have seen a difference, as I felt better in those few days - you know like healthier.

What does it cost?

For a box of 12 which will give you a 3 day supply it's $19.95, which makes it less than $2.00 a serving.

Where can I buy from and to find out more?

You can visit the Hollywood diet store where you can also find out about the 15 day detox diet and the Hollywood 48 hour miracle diet. These are liquid diets designed to detox and cleanse your whole body.

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