What Is the Hollywood Diet and How to Use It

The Hollywood Diet® line of products is an excellent set of tools that can help make your lifestyle transition easier than ever before. Over the past two decades, thousands of people have found new ways to use The Hollywood Diet® to help them live happier, live healthier, and achieve the life they’ve imagined for themselves. Let us help you learn how to use The Hollywood Diet® effectively so you too can live your best life now.

Not Just One Weight Loss Solution

Our individual products can be used for weight loss, for weight maintenance, as a cleanse, or simply as healthful (and affordable) snack or meal replacement option for busy people on the go.

Below you’ll find out how to use The Hollywood Diet® products as part of a regular diet plan or simply as a way to snack happier, cut unnecessary calories, and live healthy!

The Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet®: Your perfect partner for a quick weight loss solution—drop up to 10 pounds in just two days! Fit into that wedding dress, make an impression at your class reunion, or jump start a positive life change in 48 hours.

The Hollywood 24-Hour Miracle Diet®: A quick and easy cleanse to help your body purge harmful toxins, recharge your metabolism, rebalance your body chemistry, and reinvigorate your weight loss—everything you need in one bottle!

The Hollywood Cookie Diet® & Wafers: Tasty treats you can use as portion controlled snacks and meal replacements, whether your end goal is to lose weight or simply eat healthier while you're busy living life. Get the nutrients your body needs without the empty calories.

Hollywood Diet® Crax: Protein-rich, crunchy snacks you can grab on the go to satisfy that craving for salty/savory snacks while avoiding deep-fried temptations loaded with fat and cholesterol.


The Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet

WHAT: The Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet®  is scientifically proven to help you lose several pounds over the course of just a couple days. It works by giving your body the micronutrients it needs in the form of a delicious and nutritionally balanced juice drink. By limiting your caloric intake, you shed unwanted weight without “starving” your body.

HOW: Use The Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet®  as a food replacement for two days by mixing one 4 ounce serving of juice with 4 ounces of water. Repeat 8 times over the course of 48 hours. Drink an additional 8 glasses of water per day. The fast will help cleanse your system of toxins, dramatically reduce your caloric intake, and create visible results fast.*

Hollywood 48 Miracle Diet Review

TIP: By cleansing your body and reducing your caloric intake, the great tasting formula lets your body’s natural fat burning mechanisms kick into overdrive. Use as part of the 5/2 Diet (or any other intermittent fasting diet) for exceptional results without starving your body of the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive.


The Hollywood 24 Hour Miracle Diet

WHAT: The Hollywood 24-Hour Miracle Diet®  is a great-tasting blend of juices, essential oils, vitamins, and minerals that help reduce your caloric intake without depriving your body of essential nutrients. Use it to shed up to 5 pounds in just one day and see the results overnight!

HOW: This powerful dietary aid can be used as part of a calorie restrictive diet and complements intermittent fasting diets extremely well. Eat normally 5 days out of the week, then mix The Hollywood 24-Hour Miracle Diet®  with water to replace your meals on the remaining two days; cutting your caloric intake by as much as 4,400 calories per week!

(This type of alternate fasting diet has been scientifically proven—in America and abroad—to create amazing results you can see in days. It can help you lose unwanted weight, stabilize your body’s chemistry, and may even help combat or prevent certain types of disease.)

Hollywood 24 HR Miracle Diet Review

TIP: Because The Hollywood 24-Hour Miracle Diet® helps keep your body hydrated, most users say though they anticipated uncomfortable hunger pangs prior to using the product, they never felt hungry during their cleanse! *


The Hollywood Cookie Diet

WHAT: The Hollywood Cookie Diet® line of great tasting meal replacement cookies to help cut your calories while maintaining optimal nutrition throughout the day. Use as healthy snack options or complete meal replacements.

HOW: Eat up to four great-tasting cookies or wafers each day (for breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, and mid-afternoon snack) then top off the day with a sensible and nutritious dinner. Limit your caloric intake throughout the day and shed unwanted weight without hunger pangs, uncontrollable cravings, or succumbing to your sweet tooth.

Hollywood Cookie Diet Review

TIP: The Hollywood Cookie Diet®  is a great way to always have a healthy meal at hand. Each cookie or brownie contains essential nutrients you need, fiber to combat hunger, and great taste to trick your taste buds. Plus they’re individually wrapped—grab one for the office, the commute, or any time you’re headed out the door!


Hollywood Diet Crax

WHAT: Hollywood Diet® Crax snack replacements are an excellent alternative to unhealthy foods. These great-tasting savory little snacks were created to help people satisfy cravings without resorting to potato chips or other greasy, deep-fried snacks that are loaded with saturated fats and cholesterol.

HOW: Simply replace the snacks you already have in your house with these crispy, crunchy, portion controlled snacks and automatically cut calories without even thinking about it.

Hollywood Diet Crax Review
Snack Smart

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