Girl Mogul Mom August 2009

Moms – Eat Cookies, Lose Weight


We heard about the Hollywood Cookie Diet, so when they offered to send over some to try, we send yes, of course. And we’re glad we did. These cookies come in three flavors— lemon, chocolate and oatmeal raisin and all taste good, with the choco chip being our favorite.

With 150 calories a cookie, the plan calls for you to eat up to 4 a day for breakfast, lunch and snacks, and eat a sensible dinner. With 600 calories in 4 cookies, that leaves about 800 calories for your dinner. Not too bad, and throw in a piece of fruit, and you’ll avoid any feelings of hunger.

We did the cookie diet for a about a week and were able to trim off a few extra pounds that caught up with us over vacation. Four cookies have 12 grams of fiber, 20 grams of protein and 13 vitamins and minerals. They’re also great to keep in the car or in a bag for a quick snack—much, much better than reaching for the real thing.

You can find out more about The Hollywood Cookie Diet at and you can purchase the cookies at

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