Avoid Winter Weight Gain

Packing on the pounds seems to be another holiday tradition, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 5 tips to help you avoid the common traps that lead to winter weight gain.

1. Be a Party Smarty

Don’t starve yourself before attending a party, to “save up” calories. Instead eat a light meal a few hours before and make smart food choices at the event. Choose lean proteins, veggies, nuts and fresh fruits. Avoid dips, casseroles, and empty calories like bread and pasta. Also choose your libations wisely. Sweet, sugary drinks can have as many calories as a cheeseburger. Pick clear alcohols and mix with soda water for a light, refreshing cocktail. Remember, drinking can stimulate your appetite and weaken resolve, so limit drinking at parties.

2. Weather Your Workout

Cold weather can make it harder to work out, especially if you are used to the great outdoors as your gym. In the colder months, try other forms of exercise, such as workout videos in the comfort and warmth of your own home. If cold weather is discouraging you from making a trip to the gym, find a workout buddy and promise to meet each other there, no matter what the forecast.

3. Manage Stress

Stress can be a culprit for weight gain, especially around the holiday season. Stress changes the hormonal balance in our bodies, causing us to eat more and retain excess weight. Stress can also affect our sleep, which in turn makes it harder to lose weight. If you are feeling the pressures of the holiday season, be sure to take some time for yourself to relax and unwind. Schedule a massage, meditate, or just take some time alone to regroup. It may sound cliché, but a few deep breaths and a moment of calm can really decrease your stress levels.

4. Don’t Make It All or Nothing

One of the big mistakes that dieters make is thinking a diet has to be perfect or else they might as well quit. If you have a bit too much to eat, don’t feel like you have completely failed and might as well give up. The best thing you can do is get back on track right away. Hydrate, eat plenty of fresh veggies and lean proteins, and sweat off some of those excess calories. The perfect way to recover and get back on track fast is the Hollywood Miracle Diet®. We have heard so many success stories from customers who use the Hollywood Miracle Diet® to not only maintain but lose weight over the holiday season. Don’t be one of those people who gives up after Thanksgiving and ends up gaining weight at the end of the year. Finish this year strong so you can start next year off in better shape.

5. Don’t Shop til You Drop

If you are out running errands and buying gifts all day, be sure to have a healthy snack with you to avoid splurging on convenient but unhealthy foods. The individually wrapped Hollywood Cookie Diet® is the perfect snack or meal replacement to take with you on a busy day. With plenty of fiber and protein, it is a delicious treat that will also keep you satisfied and going strong. We always leave a plate of Hollywood Diet® cookies out for Santa. How do you think he makes deliveries to all those houses in one night?