The Healthy Living Diet

Are you more interested in a healthy living diet than simply losing weight? If so, you’re not alone. More and more people are making personal health a priority and tossing traditional dieting tactics to the curb.

A new survey by the research firm Mintel shows that people just aren’t dieting in the “traditional” sense anymore. Out of the 2,000 people questioned, 94% didn’t see themselves as “dieters.” Indeed, further research shows the number of people following a “weight loss diet” is at its lowest in decades.

Why the Change in Attitudes?

Simply put, people are looking for answers elsewhere:

  • Some calorie restrictive diets fail to provide the adequate nutrition your body needs, which can lead to serious health problems.
  • Fad diets may yield quick results but can sometimes be harmful and results evaporate when you return to previous eating habits.
  • Meal delivery services are costly (and easy to cheat on).

So what really works?

Dieting for a Healthy Lifestyle

People haven’t given up on weight loss goals—they’ve just gotten smarter about their health. In fact, leading a healthier lifestyle has finally become more important to many people than just losing weight. One survey by the Dietetic Association found that 79% of the 5,000 people asked said they were actively trying to eat better (not just less). People are learning about nutrition and how their body works rather than simply depriving themselves. And the results can be amazing!

Fasting is just one method you can use to achieve those results (and it’s an effective one). Exciting research has shown that intermittent fasting (fasting for at least 16 hours two days per week) can help you:

  • Shed more weight than traditional dieting
  • Lose more fat (not lean muscle)
  • Maintain control over blood sugar levels

Additional research points to links between fasting and increased immune system performance, memory retention, and decreased appetite!

How the 24-Hour Hollywood Miracle Diet® Helps You Live Healthier

The Hollywood 24-Hour Miracle Diet® was created in 1997 to help people lose weight fast! It’s a versatile juice blended with essential vitamins and minerals, as well as select essential oils, that help keep your body chemistry aligned while you fast from food for 24 hours. Scientifically proven to help shed “up to 5” pounds in just 24 hours, many people use it on the weekend to kick start their weight loss, push through a plateau, or to detox.

The Hollywood 24-Hour Miracle Diet can become an integral part of your “diet for a healthy lifestyle”. Eat normally five days out of the week, then rely on our nutrient-packed liquid diet to help you through two fast days. Stay hydrated and get the essential micronutrients and vitamins your body needs in one bottle, all while resetting your internal systems to work as effectively as they were designed to.

Think you can’t get through a fast without at least something to snack on? You may be misreading your body’s signals. Our bodies were designed over the millennia to go for days without food but only hours without water (we are roughly 60% H2O after all). In fact, scientists have discovered that nearly 40% of people mistake the neural signals for thirst as hunger pangs. So instead of grabbing a candy bar or chips, grab a bottle of water and sip on that instead. The hydration will kill those misunderstood cravings and the water will help your belly feel fuller.

So, cut yourself some slack when it comes to those numbers on the scale. Instead, take control of your body and begin your healthy living diet.