Eat to Live: The Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

For generations we have been trained to associate “meat” with “protein.” How many of us grew up with steak, chicken or fish as staples on our dinner tables? Advertising agencies have worked hard to reinforce that artificial bond and make beef “what’s for dinner.” But as we begin to search for healthier, alternative diets, diets that will help us lose weight, feed our bodies with good nutrition, and even diets that have less of an environmental impact, many of us have turned to plant-based proteins. Why?

Vegetarian Diets Provide Balanced Nutrition

We can’t live without protein. Protein is essential for a number of primary functions within our bodies such as:

  • Brain development
  • Organ function
  • Muscle repair
  • Hormonal balance
  • And immune health

But—as shocking as it may sound—you can get all the glorious protein your body needs without ever grilling a steak or barbequing a chicken.

Alternatives like beans, broccoli, quinoa, and nuts pack a powerful protein punch and have a host of health benefits associated with them. In fact, research from Harvard points to a link between plant-based protein and longevity. In short, eat more plant-based protein and you’ll live longer!

The results of that particular study showed that people who ate more plant-based protein (compared to animal proteins):

  • Weighed less
  • Exercised more
  • Consumed fewer saturated fats
  • And were considered to be generally “more healthy”

Why the difference?

Plant-based proteins are often found in foods that are lower in fats, cholesterol, and other unnecessary chemical components like hormones and antibiotics. Plus, these foods are often much higher in fiber—which helps flush your body, keeps you regular, and is an essential component of any weight loss routine.

Plant-Based Proteins are Affordable

It’s no secret that the price of meat fluctuates tremendously. And while you can get great sales at your local supermarket once-in-a-while, you’re generally going to pay a premium for beef, chicken, and fish. Why?

Animal protein is expensive to farm, harvest, and process. Indeed, the overhead associated with animal husbandry is tremendous. Large producers need hundreds of acres of land, dedicated processing facilities, tons of machinery, and hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of food for the animals. Wild caught game (like fish) requires expensive machinery, labor, and time.

Plant-based proteins on the other hand often only need good soil, water, and sunlight. Sure, there are harvesting/processing costs associated with growing veggies and legumes, but the average cost to grow a pound of beans is a fraction of what it costs to raise a pound of beef. And the retail value (what you pay at the store) is, on average, five times less.

Vegan sources of protein

Plant-Based Proteins Are Earth-Friendly

Farm-based animal proteins have a significant impact on our environment. For example, cows emit methane (an ozone-depleting greenhouse gas). In fact, one report by the CBS Evening News stated that the production of one hamburger emits as much greenhouse gas as driving your car 200 miles. (That figure takes into account the gasses produced by the animal and those emitted during the processing and transportation of the meat.)

Indeed, another study published by the Nature Journal of Science found that meat-based proteins create about 250 times the amount of greenhouse gasses as growing legumes. You can essentially eat twenty servings of protein-rich vegetables and still have a smaller carbon footprint than if you ate just one serving of beef!

The Hollywood Diet Embraces Plant-Based Protein

Hollywood Diet weight-loss products use a combination of proteins to create balanced nutrition. These blends include soy and wheat protein, while certain products, like the Hollywood Diet Crax® snacks, incorporate pea protein as well. Additionally, our Miracle Diet® detox products use fruits (as well as their extracts) to create tasty blends that help individuals live healthier and lose weight. Learn more about the Hollywood Diet® products and start eating better today.

“It is my view that the vegetarian manner of living, by its purely physical effect on the human temperament, would most beneficially influence the lot of mankind.” ― Albert Einstein