The 1 Year Mark = Long-Term Success

The 1-Year Mark: Science Shows Hitting that Milestone can Predict Long-Term Weight Loss Success

If you have ever dieted or participated in a weight loss program you know that persistence pays off. It’s not just about the short-term gains but the long-term goals. After all, you’re not just dieting, you’re changing your life for the better. But it can be difficult to muster the mental fortitude needed to combat temptation and prevent backsliding. Thankfully a recent study provides some much needed motivation for us to get over those inevitable bumps in the road.

The 5-Year Weight Loss Study

Doctors at the Joslin Diabetes Center followed 129 individuals who were previously enrolled in an intensive 12-week life-management program designed to help them take control over their eating habits. While researchers were actually looking for improved health, (measured via significant cardiovascular markers including cholesterol levels) the weight loss numbers they found give every dieter a bit of hope and a much-needed boost to overcome backsliding.

Preliminary Results After 1 Year
At the end of the initial 12-weeks, the entire group had lost an average of 23.8 pounds (roughly 9.7% of total weight). At one year, those who had maintained weight loss of at least 17 pounds (7%) were grouped together. This group was then followed for another four years.

1-Year Weight Loss Translates into 5-Year Success
The final weigh-in—five years after the first—showed the individuals in the group which had shown so much success at the 1-year mark maintained almost all the initial weight loss—23 pounds on average. (While some had regained a few pounds, a significant number had actually lost even more.)

The take away is this: people who really invest in their weight loss success and reach that coveted 1-year mark are more easily able to maintain and continue that weight loss far into the future.

5 Tips for Reaching that 1-Year Mark

While there are no magical ways to maintain steady weight loss for an entire year, there are ways you can make your new healthy routines practically automatic.

1. Train yourself to crave healthier foods
2. Use a detox to lose weight fast
3. Rewire your brain to make healthy lifestyle choices automatic
4. Find easy ways to be more active
5. Make the journey about you, not the weight

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