Avoid Age-Related Weight Gain

From the aches of arthritis to the burden of sleeplessness, the last thing we want to battle with is age-related weight gain!

Did you know that after 40, dieting by itself may not be enough to maintain your current weight, let alone help you lose any extra? While eating right definitely helps, other factors, like changes in metabolism and loss of muscle mass, play an increasingly important role with age.

Exercise becomes essential as our metabolism slows. Understanding the relationship between the two can help us find the right balance, lose weight, and live healthier.

Surprising Facts About Metabolism

  • Our basal metabolism rate (BMR), the rate at which the body burns calories while at rest, is a direct function of the amount of lean muscle mass (not gender or age). The higher percentage of muscle we have, the more calories we’ll burn.
  • That BMR decreases by 2% – 4% every year starting at age 25–not 40!
  • Exercise is essential for building new muscle mass but also essential for maintaining muscle mass as we age.
  • Men have it easier (it’s true). Their bodies generally carry a much higher percentage of muscle mass (leading to a higher BMR), and that muscle sticks around longer as they age (10 years longer on average).
  • Eating small meals or snacks multiple times a day is better for our metabolism than the “three squares” we might be accustomed to.

Tips for Losing Weight After 40

Help your metabolism help you lose weight with these five sensible tips:

  1. Get a Good Night’s Rest (at least 7-8 hours) – This can help regulate “hunger hormones” and maintain a healthy BMR.
  2. Choose Healthier Snacks – If your favorite snacks are fatty, salty, or fried (potato chips, french fries, cheesy crackers), experiment with healthier options like baked pita chips to satisfy those savory, crunchy cravings.
  3. Take up an Active Hobby – Walking, hiking, bicycling, swimming, kayaking, or canoeing are fun ways to keep your body moving to maintain that muscle.
  4. Enjoy a Sweet Treat – Don’t deprive yourself completely of sweets; just make sure they offer some nutritional value as well. Keeping The Hollywood Diet® Cookies on hand can help satisfy your sweet tooth while giving your body the nutrition it needs!
  5. Introduce Change Slowly – Jumping right into a new routine feet-first makes weight loss seem impossible. Start small and ease into it.