How to Use the Hollywood Miracle Diets® with Fast Diets?

When you use a fasting diet such as that recommended by The Hollywood 24 or 48 Hour Miracle Diets®, you’re consuming fewer calories over a prolonged period. This will automatically result in weight loss, but the effect on your body chemistry will help jump start fat burning! By giving your pancreas a rest, you’ll boost the effectiveness of existing insulin which means you’ll produce less, it will work better, and you won’t have excess levels of it floating around in your bloodstream.

And, as Dr. Mosley (author of The Fast Diet) notes, by inducing controlled dietary stress, you’ll also experience a rush of “feel good” chemicals as well as turn on a number of repair genes.

Hollywood Diet Perfect Compliment to Fasting Regimen

Fast Diet and 5:2 Diet

In fact, fasting may very well be better than general dieting in many respects. Over the course of her research, Dr. Michelle Harvie investigated various dieting methods with the goal of improving disease-resistance and found that “…intermittent diets [such as fasting] appear to be a safe, viable, alternative approach to weight loss and maintaining a lower weight, in comparison to daily dieting.”


Fasting Diets

But fasting isn’t about starving yourself. You’ll still consume calories. In fact, Dr. Mosely’s fasting diet encourages limiting caloric intake to 500 per day for women and 600 per day for men. That’s why the Hollywood 24 and 48 Hour Miracle Diets® (400 calories per day) are the perfect complement to any fasting regimen.

You’ll get to “enjoy a specially formulated blend of juices and botanical extracts that flood your body with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential oils while you shed pounds.” Plus, the fluids will help you combat two of the major complications of fasting: dehydration and empty stomach syndrome!

So join the thousands of individuals who have lost weight (and kept it off) using The Hollywood Diet® today.