Achieve your Hollywood Body in 4 Weeks!

Do you need to make up for those holiday indulgences or get that beach body back into shape in time for summer? It’s easier than you think! There’s no need to crash diet, starve yourself, or live at the gym. Hollywood Diet® has created a safer, more effective way to lose weight and get in shape in just 4 weeks. All you need is a little time to invest in yourself and the willpower to stick it out for 1 month. Your guaranteed to see (and feel) the amazing results!

Week 1

Cut Out “Bad Foods” at Night

Eliminate starch and carbohydrates after 5 PM. Eat leafy greens and lean proteins instead. Think hearty, healthful salads and fish (not fried). This will radically decrease your caloric intake and will help burn calories while you sleep!

Stay Hydrated

Drink at least 2 liters of water every day. Water is essential for maintaining hydration, flushing toxins, and processing the food you eat, but getting the proper daily amount can be challenging. You don’t need a high-tech water bottle or an app to track your intake (though you might want both). Simply keep a liter bottle handy at all times with timestamps written on the side. This helps you stay on track throughout the entire day. Still struggling? Tie activities to drinking. For example, drink a glass of water after every bathroom break or challenge yourself to 1 glass before every meal.


Exercise is essential so get at least 30 minutes a day. Gym membership is not required. Simply set a step goal (10,000 a day is good). Trouble hitting it? Take the stairs, park farther away, or volunteer for the afternoon coffee run at work.

Still not getting enough? Work in little changes throughout your day. Take your lunch to go—spend the hour walking around the building, down the block, or up and down the stairs. Make time for an afternoon stroll with friends (it’s a great time to get caught up). Walk the dog around the neighborhood at night rather than letting him out the back door.

Week 2

Keep Up Your Week 1 Routine and . . .

Opt for Meal Replacements

Forget the pasty protein bars. Replace two meals a day with up to 4 Hollywood Diet® Cookies in decadent Chocolate Chip. Hungry before meal time? You can use your Hollywood Diet® Cookies as snacks throughout the day to curb those hunger pangs as long as you stick to just 4 per day. Recommended usage: 1 for breakfast. 1 for mid-morning snack (optional): 1 for lunch; and 1 for afternoon snack (optional).

Week 3

Keep Up Your Week 2 Routine and . . .

Spice It Up!

Add cayenne pepper to your dinner meal (or glass of zesty lemon water) each day. Why cayenne? Spicy foods boost your metabolism and create a thermogenic effect (burning calories—even while you’re at rest). This reaction is caused by the capsaicin in the pepper (the compound that makes it “hot”) which essentially “oxidizes” (or burns) fat. Similar compounds are found in cinnamon, black pepper, and turmeric.

Here is another way to take your cayenne every day: Add a dash to room temperature water infused with the juice of one lemon and drink it in the morning before breakfast.

Week 4

Keep Up with Your Week 3 Routine and . . .

Hollywood Miracle Diet weight lossDrop the Dairy and Detox

Remove all dairy and sugary foods throughout the week – yes, that includes alcohol. Then choose two days during the week (not a weekend if you like to go out on Friday or Saturday) to detox with The Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet®.

Removing dairy and sugary foods will cut the amount of calories you eat significantly. That lets your body burn your fat stores rather than relying on the calories you’re eating every day for fuel.

Never detoxed? The Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet® makes it easy. Simply mix 4 oz. of the great-tasting juice-based drink with 4 oz. or more of water throughout the day.

Make Your 4 Week Body Transformation Automatic

Starting a new body transformation routine will take some getting used to, but after a couple of days the process becomes almost automatic.  As humans, we love routines and once you settle into a healthy one it’s as easy to maintain as an unhealthy one!

Plus, by ratcheting up the intensity of your 4-week body transformation over the course of a month, you can get amazing results without having to tackle the whole process right from the start. This “small step” approach is a proven and successful way to lose weight. You’ll see the results you’ve been looking for in the short time you have.

Start your body 4 week transformation today with Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet® and  Hollywood Diet® Cookies and love your body this Summer!