The Big Secret about Personal Trainers

Many of us spend years hunting for that magic tool that will automatically make us lose weight, live a healthier lifestyle, and feel good about ourselves inside and out. The fitness industry knows that and often presents gym memberships and personal trainers as the solution to all of our problems.

Some people choose specific gyms because of access to personal trainers. Others pay lots of money for dedicated one-on-one coaching. While neither option is “bad”, it’s important to see through the hype.

You need to know the big secret the fitness industry doesn’t want you to: personal trainers cannot change your life for you!

That’s a truth that fitness instructor Caitlyn Corradino admitted to on Huffington Post when she debunked three powerful myths that the fitness industry has built up over the years. And, unfortunately, for most of us those myths have created unreasonable expectations of what personal trainers can and will do.

Why Your Personal Trainer May Fall Short of Your Expectations

Personal Trainers are Not in the Weight Management Business

This is a huge shock to most people because they’ve been bombarded by photos, TV shows, commercials, and social media depicting trainers pushing overweight individuals to their breaking point (and beyond) with tremendous weight loss results.

But here’s the catch: weight loss isn’t a priority for personal trainers.

Instead, most prioritize overall health, which includes boosting your metabolism, keeping you on an exercise regime, and building muscle mass (which may actually cause you to gain weight!) The weight loss is often a side effect of the healthier lifestyle you’ve adapted under the supervision of your personal trainer.

But how long will your resolve hold out when you stop seeing your trainer?

You Are Just A Client

No matter how invested your trainer seems in your progress, if you quit, someone else will simply replace you.

Only You Can Change Your Life

A fitness instructor’s role is to give individuals the opportunity (and guidance) to challenge themselves. That’s why personal motivation is more important than a personal trainer. That self-reliance is the key to both short-term and long-term success.

Powerful Tools to Help You Succeed

None of the above should dissuade you from seeking a personal trainer. They can be invaluable tools to help you develop the skills and mindset you need to succeed. However, they should also open your eyes to the fact that your ability to live a healthier lifestyle rests solely inside you.

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