HILIT + 48 Hour Miracle Diet®

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of individuals who have adopted High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts at home because of their ability to deliver weight loss results quickly, you’ve probably noticed a few other changes too: achy joints, stiffness, pain or strained muscles. While HIIT workouts are great for burning calories and helping you shed pounds quickly, new research suggests that the side effects of such workouts can be detrimental in the long run.

What are the main side effects of HIIT workouts? Injuries.

One study showed that people who engaged in HIIT at home between 2012 and 2016 suffered a 144% increase in injuries versus individuals who opted for alternative workout routines. The major areas of impact were knees, back, and hips. While most of these injuries were not serious enough to be life-altering, they did necessitate “taking it easy” for a few days after workouts.

If you’ve been struggling with diets and exercise for any length of time, you know that taking any time away from a new routine increases the chances that you’ll slide back into old habits and let that healthy new routine slip by the wayside.

The solution:  High-Intensity Low Impact Training (HILIT).

HILIT workouts are much easier on your body—especially joints—but still deliver an effective workout and visible results in a short time.

What is HILIT?

HILIT stands for high-intensity low-impact training. These types of workouts have been designed to deliver the intensity you crave, which boosts caloric burn and muscle-building while removing the potentially risky impact on delicate joints.

HILIT workouts are essentially comprised of an intense but short “burst” of exercise paired with an equally short rest period. This process is repeated for a few minutes at a time and can include alternating the types of exercises used.

The result is high-caloric burn without the necessity for an extended period of exertion (like spending 40 minutes on the treadmill).

Because HILIT exercises are designed to be low-impact, they’re much easier on your joints. For example, with HILIT workouts, there is no jumping, no pounding, and no burpees! The focus is instead shifted to controlled movements that activate muscle groups in a specific order to deliver an effective combined cardio/muscle-building session.

Why is HILIT so Great?

  • HILIT workouts can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour! That makes them every bit as effective as the HIIT workouts.
  • HILIT workouts are also just as intense and condensed at their high-impact counterpart, meaning that you can squeeze a solid workout into a short lunchbreak, between appointments, or even while you wait to pick up the kids.

The most noticeable benefit of HILIT is the decreased risk of joint injuries. Because it uses controlled bursts of exertion paired with rest periods, it effectively regulates heart rate and body chemistry to deliver results quickly. Studies have shown that HILIT alternatives are just as effective as HIIT routines and traditional endurance training.

How to Get the Most from Your HILIT Workout

Experts have been recommending a combination of exercise and diet for maximum weight loss results for decades. So how can you capitalize on the power of HILIT workouts to see results quickly? Reduce your caloric intake.

That may not sound easy but with proven aids like The Hollywood 24 and 48-Hour Miracle Diet® to help you cut out unnecessary calories it is easy!

The Hollywood 24 and 48-Hour Miracle Diet® were created to help people reduce calories consumed over a one- or two-day period, respectively. These great-tasting juice fasts are packed with nutrients to keep your metabolism running smoothly without all the unnecessary excess calories.

Imagine the results you’ll see in one week if you cut out most of the calories you would typically eat over the course of two days and begin targeted HILIT sessions when it’s convenient for you.

Another workout tip: stay hydrated before, during, and after your HILIT workout. Continue that hydration all week long for proper energy and nutrition delivery.

When you pair low-impact exercise with the intermittent fasting delivered by The Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet®, you’ll not only see results sooner, you’ll feel better too. And that good feeling is so important for boosting your daily post-workout motivation.

Examples of HILIT Exercises

There are a number of exercise routines that have been specifically designed to incorporate HILIT practices. For example, P.volve was created especially for Victoria’s Secret models and was designed to incorporate muscle-lengthening and strengthening motions using readily-available exercise equipment including exercise balls, ankle weights, and armbands.

Megaformer Pilates is another branded routine that uses HILIT techniques and a specialized gliding platform that dramatically reduces the impact on your joints by making every motion smooth and buttery.

But you don’t need to buy into a branded HILIT program to get a great workout. Rowing has been a staple exercise in gyms for years and represents another great example of a HILIT technique. During a stationary row session, you’ll strengthen legs, butt, and back muscles while dramatically increasing your heart rate for a combined muscle-building/cardio workout.

Don’t have equipment at home? No problem. There are great HILIT workouts on YouTube that will help you get into shape quickly.

Best HILIT Workouts on YouTube

Lindsey’s Equipment-Free HILIT Workout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpiWyBszDgg

20-Minute “Break a Sweat” HILIT Workout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGuXZVRE-68

“Super Sweaty” Cardio HILIT Workout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTzK6AKY4ZQ

Cardio and Abs HILIT Workout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ro3gMo9YkiM