Rise & Shine: 5 Morning Routine Tips to Help You Succeed!

Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, we all start our day at some point. And we all seem to start it differently.

Some of us hop online to check social media, others dive in to email, still others eat breakfast, exercise, or pack lunches for the kids. There are a number of ways your morning could go. But one thing is for sure…….

Willpower is highest in the morning, so start strong!

As the day progresses, your self-control fades. That’s why it’s so important to make those early morning hours count.

The following 5 tips can help you develop a morning routine that has you feeling good and poises you for a productive day….

1) Take 15 minutes for yourself

Whether you spend it meditating, performing a sun salutation yoga sequence to greet the day, or addressing “Powerful Goodness” like Benjamin Franklin did each morning — take the time to just BE and BREATHE in Life.

2) Drink a glass of water with lemon

This helps flush your digestive system, rehydrate your vital organs (like your liver) and give your immune system a boost. There is also evidence that drinking lemon water first thing in the morning can help turn on the fat burning process by increasing metabolism!

3) Eat as a reward for fasting

Some of us here at Hollywood Diet practice intermittent fasting. There are plenty of health benefits associated with intermittent fasting, which we talk about in detail here. But health is just one motivating factor. Fasting for a full 12 hours or more has a significant impact on metabolism – which makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight. So use that “breakfast” time for what’s important to you and then eat your larger meals later in the day as a reward!

4) Don’t check your email until you get to the office

For many of us, checking email or listening to voice mail is practically automatic. In many ways, these are among the worst ways to start a day. Both activities hijack our focus and put us in a reactive mode, where other people’s priorities take center stage.Use your personal morning time to set the tone for positivity and productivity.

5) Manage your energy

If you take a moment to think about it, you’ll probably realize that you are better at doing certain tasks at certain times. What type of energy do you have in the morning? When is the best time for you to exercise? Respecting your internal, ultradian rhythm for whichever task is at hand is a powerful tool that will keep you feeling charged throughout the day.