The Best Juice Cleanse

You’ve no doubt heard about juice cleanses before. Simply drink juice and lose weight! It’s an alluring option for folks who have struggled with traditional diets and want to drop pounds quickly. But if you’ve never done a juice cleanse you likely have questions: are they healthy? Can I eat anything while I’m juicing? What types of juice should I drink? Do I have to juice my own fruits and veggies? What is the best juice cleanse?

The Hollywood 24 Hour Miracle Diet® makes doing a juice cleanse the right way easy and hassle free—everything you need is in the bottle!

Why Juice?

Juice is easier for your stomach to digest than whole foods—which means you can get more out of smaller amounts. By putting less in, you’re eliminating excess calories without depriving yourself of the good stuff your body needs, like vitamins, minerals, and other essential micronutrients. In fact, the Hollywood 24 Miracle Diet® is packed with essentials like Vitamins C, D, E, B3, B6, B2, B12, folic acid, and more.

Plus The Hollywood 24 Hour Miracle Diet® includes two well-known “superfoods” Acai and Garcinia Cambogia!

Acai berries and their ingredients have been shown to:

  • Promote skin and heart health
  • Aid in weight loss (and keeping that weight off)
  • Improve mental imbalance (especially in menopausal women)
  • Improve blood flow (which gives you an energy boost and may even increase sex drive)
  • Possess anti-aging properties thanks to the berry’s antioxidant phytochemicals

On the other hand, Garcinia Cambogia contains hydroxycitric acid, a byproduct of citric acid, which may minimize weight gain by blocking the metabolism of excess calories and carbohydrates into fat.

But how about the taste? The Hollywood 24 Hour Miracle Diet® is a tasty blend of multiple fruit juices including apple, raspberry, cranberry, blueberry, blackberry, and strawberry. It sure beats a kale smoothie when you’re craving something just a little sweet.

“When I add crushed ice to the Hollywood miracle diet it tastes and makes me feel like a million dollars! As I drink it, the sweet juice doesn’t taste like your typical diet drink. The 24 hour bottle is the perfect solution. I want a new body for Christmas and this product is giving me the kick start I need! Keep making this!!!” – Mary P.

The Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

Weight Loss

A juice cleanse can help you lose weight. Multiple clinical studies have shown most people can safely lose up to five pounds in just 24 hours. (That’s fat and water weight lost fast.) It makes sense that if you don’t eat for a day you’re bound to shed some weight, right? But simply starving yourself is dangerous. It deprives your body of essential nutrients that could lead to a decreased metabolic rate, low blood sugar, and mental fog. That’s why juice diets are a great alternative to complete fasting. They provide hydration and nutrition without excess calories and artificial ingredients. (Just remember to drink plenty of water as well.)

Jumpstart Your New Diet

24 Hour Hollywood Miracle DietA trial separation can be a good thing! By giving yourself a break from food—even for just 24 hours—you can begin to restructure your personal relationship with it. That break can be the mental first step you need to take in order to curb the cravings and the reliance on unhealthy snacks. Part of the change is mental but most people on juice diets find themselves feeling physically invigorated (because of those essential nutrients and proper hydration) which makes sustaining that positive change much easier.

“I’ve used the 24 Hour Miracle Diet drink as a body cleansing product and it is fantastic! I’ve tried all sorts of cleansing products, and with 24 Hour Miracle, my digestive system feels the best it has in months! I lose fat mass, my thinking is clearer, and I feel like I have more energy. I use it every month to cleanse my system and jump start my diet. It really works great!!!” – Irene V.

Improved Mental Functioning

A complete juice cleanse can actually help reset your body’s internal chemistry and may have wide-ranging effects on your mental capacities. In fact, many avid juicers report being more mentally “awake,” sharper, and experience fewer memory issues.

How to Use the 24 Hour Miracle Diet® Juice Cleanse

  1. Mix one 4 ounce serving with 4 ounces of water
  2. Repeat 4 times over the course of one 24 hour period
  3. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day in addition
  4. Continue regimen for 24 hours
  5. Enjoy the results!

Start Your Juice Cleanse Today

Would you like to lose up to 5 pounds in just 24 hours? How about purging built up waste and toxins from your body at the same time? If so, it’s time to start your juice cleanse. Learn how The Hollywood 24 Hour Miracle Diet® can help you live lighter in just one day.