Change Your Lifestyle

Truly changing your lifestyle is more than just eating healthy foods and working out. To make a change that sticks, you have to change the way you think. It turns out, your brain may be the most important body part when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off for good.

Change Your Lifestyle, Change Your Body

1. A Diet is What You Eat, Not What You Do

Why is diet a scary word? It is a word that people associate with sacrifice and suffering. But your diet is what keeps you healthy, fit, and alive. Instead of thinking of diet as a verb, think of it as a noun. A diet is all the nutritious food you give your body to make it the best version of you. Start thinking about your diet in terms of the positive. What additions can you make? Add more vegetables, increase lean proteins, enjoy healthy fats, and relish fresh fruits. You can use tools like the Hollywood Diet® products to support your lifestyle. For example, grab an individually wrapped Hollywood Diet® Cookie as a snack anytime, to stay focused and full. Use the Hollywood Miracle Diet® once a month to flush out toxins and stay lean.

2. Things Worth Having Don’t Come Easily

Yes, losing weight can be difficult, but that just means it is worth doing. You may have to adjust your thinking when it comes to achieving or maintaining your weight loss. We try to make it as easy as possible for you with our family of diet products, but it still takes your effort and the daily intention to do your best. Making your own lunch instead of getting fast food, squeezing in 20 minutes of exercise, or saying no to popcorn at the movie theatre — these are all examples of little changes that can be challenging at first, but add up to amazing results.

3. Move it AND Lose it

We live in a culture of convenience, where the message seems to be the less effort you expend the better. We want a parking spot right outside our destination, we want an elevator to ride to our floor, and we want a remote to avoid getting off the couch. But what if movement was the goal? Challenge yourself to find as much movement in your life as possible. Take the stairs, do squats during the commercials, or power walk on your lunch break. Fitting in fitness a few minutes at a time can make a big difference.

4. Everyone is Different

One of the most important steps in making a lifestyle change is accepting yourself. Once you realize that you are a unique and worthy person, you will be able to see that you deserve to be healthy and happy. Whatever size or shape you are, you are still a beautiful person. Your path to health is your own.