How to Lose Weight on the Run

Everybody is looking for an easy way to lose weight on the run. We have to. Our lives have become much more active than ever before. Work, kids, hobbies, and the dreaded commute take up most of our day, adding stress and limiting the amount of time we can spend on ourselves—both of which are bad for our waistlines.

Here are 4 tips that can help you lose weight on the run no matter how busy your life is.

Four Steps to Lose Weight on the Run

1) Eat Breakfast

Skipping meals sounds like a wonderful way to lose weight—no food means no calories, right? But the side effects of doing so—like hunger, unstable body chemistry, and nutrient deficiency—will more than make up for any caloric decrease benefit. And while breakfast may be your most important meal, 31 million Americans skip it every day. So eat up!

High-protein and high-fiber options are the best:

  • Eggs
  • Whole grain breads and cereals
  • Nuts
  • Fresh fruits (especially apples, raspberries, and bananas)
  • Hollywood meal replacement cookies (nutritious, delicious and packed with fiber)

Can’t sit down for a breakfast? Take a healthy meal to go. Nuts, homemade breakfast wraps, low-sugar fruit smoothies, and the Hollywood meal replacement cookies are grab-and-go options that pack the necessary nutrient punch to keep you full and healthy.

Another great idea for days when you cannot manage to whip up meals is to allot those as fasting days. On the fasting days, you can use a juice-based fasting aid like the Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet® to keep you going.

This liquid blend contains B-complex vitamins and botanical extracts (75% – 100% of your daily nutrition), giving your body sustenance and energy to go without meals while burning calories more effectively.

2) Stay Hydrated

Water is essential for maintaining electrochemical balance. Without it you could be facing arrhythmic heartbeat, decreased mental alertness, headaches, and muscle cramps. Plus, many people mistake the early symptoms of dehydration for hunger.

So drink plenty of fluids but be mindful of caffeine (which can increase kidney function, expelling more water than you’re taking in) and hidden carbohydrates in juices and soda. You will find our Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet® quite effective in providing your body ample hydration.

The juice diet not only helps you reduce caloric intake but also provides nutrition and hydration simultaneously. The detox also ensures that your body does not suffer a decreased metabolic level because of fasting. The ample amount of essential nutrients regulates your blood sugar and energy level during the fasting periods.

You must only remember to drink lots of water along with the liquid fasting aids!

3) Carry Portable Healthy Foods

Small portion foods are great. They’re easier to take with you and naturally decrease your caloric intake. Pack a few resalable bags or plastic containers the night before then just grab and go in the morning.

Find foods that are going to help stave off hunger and fulfill your nutritional needs—high fiber, low calorie, vitamin-packed!

  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Jerky (preferably lean meat like turkey or chicken)
  • Egg white chips (you read that right)
  • Rice cakes
  • Dry cereal
  • Fresh veggies
  • Hummus
  • Hollywood Cookies® (all packaged to fit right in your pocket, briefcase, or purse)
  • The delicious-tasting Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet®

4) Make Time for Exercise

Exercise is essential for healthy weight loss. It burns calories and builds muscle. Easily add exercise to your routine by:

  • Parking farther away
  • Taking the stairs
  • Standing when you could sit

Still need a regular workout routine? Make time. Add a daily workout to your schedule as you would a parent-teacher meeting or after hours business function. (Morning workouts are great. Get up a little earlier, get that blood flowing, and chase away the drowsy feeling that haunts you after a sleep.)

Enjoy Your New Healthy Routine

You can lose weight on the go if you add in a little exercise and take the time to plan your meal options. Don’t be afraid to experiment with timing and activities, recipes, ingredients, and healthy meal replacement options until you find the combination that works for you. The more you like your new routine, the longer you’ll stick with it and the better your weight loss results will be.