Add a Few More Steps to Your Day and Burn That Unwanted Fat Away

How often have you heard that dieting alone isn’t enough for weight loss? The best way to lose weight is by combining a calorie-restrictive diet with moderate amounts of exercise. It makes sense—if you eat less and burn more calories, you will lose weight.

But the term “exercise” scares a lot of people away, and that fear eats at their willpower. Thankfully, a current study shows that you don’t have to hit the gym five days a week for extra health benefits. In fact, something as simple as walking a little more every day (say three hours per week, which is less than 30 minutes per day) can have a dramatic effect on your health!

Walking + Dieting = Fat Loss

A study published in The Journal of Nutrition chronicled the journey of two separate groups of Germans on two different weight loss plans. One group simply reduced the number of calories they ate—energy-restrictive dieting. The second reduced their calories and walked more (three hours per week on average).

In the end, both groups lost the same amount of weight (about 8 pounds) which is great! However, the participants who added walking to their daily routine showed an increase in lean muscle mass (which burns calories simply by existing) and a significant decrease in the amount of fat in their bodies.

That’s wonderful news because:

1) Lean muscle mass sculpts and tones your body by burning calories even while at rest.

2) Losing fat is beneficial because fat produces its own insulin and other hormones which can actually convert calories into fat, fool you into thinking you’re hungry, and slow your metabolism.

So how did this group succeed?

Energy Restrictive Diets Done Right

The energy-restrictive diets used in this study limited participants to about 500 calories per day—roughly 1/3 the amount considered “normal” for a woman and 1/4 the amount that most men require to maintain body mass. Participants ate low-energy density foods like Greek yogurt, bran flakes, beans, white fish, and lean ground turkey in order to feel fuller longer.

Great for them, right? But do you really have the time and the energy to shop for and cook dishes like these every day? With work, family, personal obligations, and more pressing in on you, finding the time to eat right is a challenge that any weight loss adventurer can attest is hard to overcome. Here is where The Hollywood Diet® can help.

The Hollywood Diet® Can Make Energy Restriction Easy

The Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet® can help you cut calories instantly and shed pounds in days with the added benefit of helping to reset your body’s natural chemistry and boost your metabolism. All you have to do is drink this delicious juice cleanse for 48 hours—no extra shopping, fancy cooking, or meal plans!

Lose Belly Fat Fast

And, while this great-tasting product is a wonderful way to lose weight fast, you may be looking for something else to help you curb cravings and cut calories every day. That’s where the Hollywood Cookie Diet® comes into play. These delicious meal replacement cookies can be used to help eliminate cravings, replace high-caloric meals with healthier options, and cut your daily intake by half.

The Hollywood Diet® products are so easy to use that cutting calories becomes almost automatic. All you have to do is open the package and enjoy. No trips to the store, no complicated recipes, no baking or blending or shaking. Everything you need is right there, ready to go, when you need it.

We know from the many success stories our customers have sent us that Hollywood Diet® products can work for anyone. Here are just some of the people who have lost weight with our products.

  • Busy moms (and dads) rushing the kids to and from practice, recitals, and other activities.
  • Overworked college students fighting that “Freshman 15.”
  • Truck drivers who simply can’t stomach that greasy gas station food any longer.
  • Members of the military (or new recruits) struggling to get back to fighting fit.
  • Professionals who can’t break away from their desks.
  • Anyone who has tried (and failed) at traditional “calorie counting” diets in the past.

But, as we learned in the study above, dieting is only part of the solution. You need to add a few more steps to your day to burn that fat away.

7 Ways to Add Walking into Your Week!

Walking is great for weight loss, boosting your mood, improving your mental abilities, and even lowering your blood pressure. But it’s not always easy to squeeze walking into your average day—or is it?

When you make the commitment to a healthier you, it’s easier than you may think to get in those extra steps.

  1. Find a walking partner—walking and talking help take your mind off the exercise.
  2. Learn the “One Mile Rule”—If there’s anything you need within 1 mile (like the coffee shop or school) leave the car at home and take a walk.
  3. The after-dinner stroll—a nightly stroll is a great way to put the day to rest and help organize your thoughts for tomorrow.
  4. Go window shopping—walking the mall is a great way to forget you’re actually exercising.
  5. Avoid the elevator—popping up or down a floor? Hit the stairs.
  6. Get a pedometer or fitness watch—setting a concrete steps goal is a great way to stay motivated.
  7. Hit the trails—a change of scenery is a refreshing way to stay interested and on track.

Mix it Up

Any routine can get boring and that’s something you never want your weight loss to be. Mix up your dieting options and exercise in order to keep everything interesting and avoid falling back into old habits.

The key is to find joy in the things you are doing, not to simply force yourself into doing them. So experiment, find what works for you, and always be on the lookout for new ways to cut calories and add more steps to your day.