4 Steps to Mental Wellness

Why do so many people who have dieted in the past gain what they lost back (plus some)? Because diets don’t address the real reasons we are overweight. In order to enjoy long-term success, a new healthy lifestyle, and a better future you have to overcome those mental roadblocks as well as the physical ones. But it’s not enough to have a goal in mind. You have to constantly check yourself to ensure you’re not undermining your own success.

Specifically, you have to stop letting your past haunt you.

That can seem like an insurmountable obstacle. Our past is, by definition, what defines us. So how can we overcome it?

The four steps to mental wellness below will help you steer your life in the right direction and cut the ropes tying you to years of poor decisions, bad habits, and backsliding.

1) Don’t Dwell On Failed Diets

If you approach any life change warily, you’re likely to fail. Constantly reminding yourself of the time (or times) you’ve “fallen off the wagon” or binged on junk food or simply quit handicaps you from the start.

In order to reach your goals you have to go after them fiercely, attack them with gusto, and forget about the failures. Your future is forward, not behind you.

2) Don’t Feel Obligated to Outdated Goals

If you set a weight loss goal ten years ago it’s outdated. Five years ago? It’s history! Two years ago? It’s not relevant any more.

How much has your personal and professional life changed in that time? Maybe you’ve gotten a new job, had another child, moved to a new neighborhood, city, or state. Maybe you’ve gotten married or divorced or stopped listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and wearing that eyebrow piercing. The point is you can’t expect outdated goals to fit your current lifestyle. You have to create new goals that align with who you are now.

Holding on to goals created in the past sets you up for failure every time.

3) Don’t Live in the Future

Having a plan for the future is great. Goals are necessary for any sustained growth and progress. But sometimes those plans can seduce us with their promises of a better life—so much so that we get stuck in the planning phase. We structure everything around that fantastical future life without ever taking the steps necessary to achieve it.

You’ve heard the old clichés about the writers who have never actually finished a novel or the filmmakers who spend twenty years on a documentary. These folks are deluding themselves by living in the future – not working towards it. They end up with nothing to show for it. Planning is great but it’s only the first part of the process.

4) Decide to Live for Today

Every life change really starts with a decision. A decision puts an end to all the daydreaming, speculation, fantasizing, and planning. A decision is an unmistakable step toward the new you. You have to decide that you’re not going to live in the past. You have to decide that the future isn’t going to paralyze you. You have to decide to live each day as it comes with the goal of reaching a little further, climbing a little higher, being a little healthier every day.

Deciding to live for today is deciding to live for a better you.

The Help You Need When You Need It

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Looking for more useful tips, tools and tactics for reshaping your life? We can help. Here’s to cutting the ropes and freeing ourselves from the past!