Confidence: A Key to Weight Loss Success

Clinical studies have found that people who are more confident perform better, achieve more, and enjoy greater long-term success than less confident people.

While confidence is something that typically grows over time, when it comes to weight loss there are tools you can use to boost that confidence overnight.

Immediate Confidence Boosters

All too often people who diet don’t see real weight loss results for days, weeks, or even months. Sometimes it even feels like we’re backsliding because exercise builds muscle mass which adds ounces on the scale!

The Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet® can turn the odds in your favor fast. It’s scientifically proven to help people lose up to 10 pounds in just two days while maintaining proper hydration and giving the body essential nutrients.

That jump start may just be the thing you need to get over that big hump at the beginning of your weight loss journey. One thing’s for sure, seeing those pounds drop off will definitely boost your self-confidence.

Long-Term Motivation Made Easy: One Step at a Time

But how do you keep that new-found confidence high in the face of everyday life, temptation, and the inevitable “cheat day?”

1) Set Short-Term Goals
Short-term goals are the perfect tool to help you stay motivated. Set a goal for each week or even every day. One foot in front of the other and you’re always moving forward.

2) Make the Goals Reasonable
These goals shouldn’t be life-changing. The trick is to tackle small obstacles—like choosing water over sugary soda at lunch or hitting the gym twice a week. Every success is a little confidence booster in itself.

3) Reward Yourself
Use non-food rewards like trips, social events, or small purchases (such as books) as rewards for reaching your weekly or monthly short-term goals. These rewards serve as physical reminders of your success and positive reinforcement for your growing self-confidence.

4) Fake It Until You Make It
One strategy many entrepreneurs, managers, and other successful people use to break out of self-doubt and boost confidence is the powerful “fake it until you make it” technique. By envisioning the person they want to become, believing their goals are achievable and that success is within reach, they actually rewire their brains to make it so. This is similar to the placebo effect in which “fake” medication shows similar results to the real medication. Use your subconscious to trick your brain into working for you and believe.

Find the Right Tools to Help

There are a number of excellent resources for people struggling with their weight loss journeys, but when it comes to the actual foods they consume many options can be expensive, hard to find, or even untested. The Hollywood Diet® detox fasting products can help you every step of the way.

Use the clinically-tested 48-Hour Hollywood Miracle Diet® to jump start your weight loss, fight off cravings, and decrease your daily caloric intake. Before you know it you’ll see the weight dropping off and your confidence level rising.