Why Choose The Hollywood Diet®

The decision you made to lose weight was a very personal one. But there are thousands of people out there who have made that exact same resolution. And though everyone’s journey is unique, the Hollywood Diet® line of products can help everyone reach their goal!

1. Break Bad Habits

If you’ve started any diet in the past, you know that one of the biggest hurdles is actually maintaining weight loss. There are lots of diets out there that will help you get rid of those first 10 pounds, but when you want to lose more than that you often fall into a rut. When that happens, you lose hope and your diet is derailed.

The Hollywood Cookie Diet® is an excellent option for those of us who want to break that old habit. These cookies taste great and are an easy way to cut your calories without having to worry about meal plans or spending more at the grocery store. Simply eat up to 4 cookies per day in place of breakfast and lunch, then finish the day with a sensible dinner of no more than 1200 calories. Easy as that; you are consuming less calories per day and the weight comes off.

2. Slim Down for that Special Occasion

A lot of attention is paid to women who want to slim down to fit into those sexy little dresses for their bachelorette parties or those black numbers for their anniversaries. But men need that “quick fix” on occasion as well. Whether it’s fitting into that tux you ordered three months ago for your wedding or back into your military uniform for a special ceremony, you CAN drop pounds and inches in just days.

The Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet® is formulated to help men and women lose weight in just two days. By cleansing your body and reducing your caloric intake, the great tasting juice fast lets your body’s natural fat burning mechanisms kick into overdrive, which is why it is so effective for weight loss.

  • Fasting normalizes ghrelin levels (the “hunger hormones”)
  • Fasting promotes human growth hormone (“HGH”) production (a “fat-burning hormone”)

3. Cleanse Your Body

Toxins can build up in your body and many people turn to fasting diets to help them rid their bodies of impurities. The Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet® works for those two-day fasts and is formulated with essential vitamins and nutrients to keep your body healthy while it’s working to cleanse itself and reboot.

In a fast, the body tears down its defective parts and then builds anew when eating is resumed.” —Dr. Herbert M. Shelton

4. Military Weigh-Ins

The brave men and women in our military have to stay fit while they’re serving our country and that includes regular physical fitness training and weigh-ins. But what do you do when you’re over that mark and a weigh-in is just around the corner?

The Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet® can help individuals lose a significant amount of weight in just two days. Participants in multiple scientific studies have lost an average of 7 pounds.

5. Change Your Life for the Better

We are all creatures of habit. Fast food lifestyles have hit us hard around the waistline. But the worst part is the effect it’s had on our health. High cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes and more are all linked to obesity.

The Hollywood Cookie Diet® can help you break that chain and change your life forever. Nutritionally balanced and good for you, these cookies help you feel fuller longer. That means you’re less likely to cave in and stop at the burger joint on the way home or skip down to the donut shop for breakfast.
The Easy Diet

6. Jumpstart That Diet

When you start a new diet you want to see those numbers fast. It’s essential for you to keep your morale up and yourself interested, or else you will slip back into your old ways. The Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet® can help you drop pounds and inches quickly in order to help you stay excited for your new lifestyle change.

Let Us Help You on Your Personal Journey

There are many reasons people choose the Hollywood Diet® to lose weight. For some it’s about health, for some it’s about body image, for some it’s about reinvigorating their lives. For others it’s about all of that and more.

Regardless of why you want to lose weight The Hollywood Diet® can help you reach those goals with products that actually work. So, what do you say? Are you ready to start your journey today?